Boarding Terms and Conditions

Thank you for trusting us to care for your furry friend while you are away. To help us make the drop off and pick up process smooth for both you and your pet, please follow the guidelines below.

Please read the following boarding policies and protocols carefully, you will be asked to sign a form at the time of drop-off that you have read and agree to these T&Cs:

1. Boarding prices effective from April 1st, 2024

  • €20 per day for 1 dog
  • €30 per day for 2 dogs from the same household
  • €40 per day for 3 small dogs from the same household sharing one kennel
  • PLEASE NOTE: we charge PER DAY not per night. If you collect your dog in the morning, there will be no fee for the last day. If you collect your dog after 10am, we will charge you full day fee.
  • Between October 1st and April 1st there will be extra €3 charge per day per kennel. We run heating and dehumidifier all the time during cold months to make sure all dogs are comfortable. Unfortunately the high electricity costs has forced us increase our boarding price during cold months.

If you have 3+ dogs that require more than one kennel, you will be charged as follows:

  • 3 dogs: 2 dogs sharing + 1 dog in separate kennel will be €30+€20
  • 4 dogs: 2 dogs sharing + 2 dogs sharing will be €30+€30
  • 4 dogs requiring 3 kennels will be €30+€20+€20

If you have questions please ask.

As a puppy owner you will appreciate how much work goes into taking care of a puppy. We make sure to continue with house training, this involves us getting up in the middle of the night to take your puppy out to prevent accidents.

If we need to supply dog food for your dog, the following charges will be added:

  • €0.50 per day for a small dog (Jack Russell terrier, Schnauzer, etc)
  • €1 per day for medium dog (Collie, Spaniel, etc)
  • €1.50 per day for large dog (German Shepherd, Labrador, etc)
  • €2 per day for extra large dog (Great dane, Bernese mountain dog, etc)

*** €30 per day per puppy under 5 months of age.

2. Payment

Payments under €100 can be accepted as cash.

Payments over €100 need to be paid over Revolut or by bank transfer to the following account:

Account name: Iveta Kalvane
IBAN IE25BOFI 906638 86369043

3. Drop off and pick up

Drop off and pick up times MUST be arranged at least 1 week before your dog’s stay. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred times but it might not always be possible.

Earliest drop off – 8am
Latest pick up – 9pm

We expect you to arrive on time, plus/minus 10 minutes.

Because we have taken time out of our day to facilitate your preferred time, we will add 5 euro to your bill for every 15 minutes that you arrive after the arranged time (i.e. if you are expected here at 11am and arrive at 11.45am without letting us know at least an hour in advance that you are going to be late, there will be 15 euro added to your final bill).

If you would like to change your drop off/pick up time, let us know as soon as possible, no later than 1 hour before your pre-arranged time. Change of time less than 1 hour before the agreed time will result in 10 euro added to your final bill (i.e. if you’re arrival time is 11am and you ring or message us at 10:30am telling us you are going to be late, we will add 10 euro to your bill as this affects how our day is planned).

Dogs MUST be on a lead when exiting car. Yes, even if your dog is fine off lead, even if your dog is well trained. There are cats on premises, our neighbors have cats, there could be horses on the road. If your dog runs out on the road during drop off/pick up and something happens because you didn’t have it on a lead (i.e. your dog gets hit by a car), we will not accept any responsibility. Also note that when your dog enters our premises, he or she should not be allowed to go up to dogs inside the kennels, some of the dogs are fearful or reactive and can feel threatened when approached by unknown dogs. Your dog will have off lead time in designated area.

4. Personal belongings

Food and treats: Please bring your own dog food when possible. Sudden change of food can upset your dog’s belly (If you bring more food than your dog needs during his or her stay, the left over food will be returned to you on pick up). Please attach a note with feeding guidelines – how many times per day, how much per meal. Please make sure you know your dog’s feeding amount in grams. ‘Handful’ or ‘Half a bowl’ is not a measurement unit. We don’t want to underfeed or overfeed your dog, Please don’t bring any treats made from rawhide for your dog, or processed bones, as those pose serious choking and blockage hazard.

Bedding: We can provide bedding for your dog. However, your dog will feel much more at home if you bring a bed or blanket with your dog’s own scent on it. IF your dog is a ‘chewer’, and there is a chance your dog might chew up his bed, then don’t bring one and let us know. We do not want any accidents and emergency trips to the vet in case your dog has ingested bedding material causing obstruction in their tummy. Safety always first!

Toys: You can bring your dog’s favorite toy if you wish, however we have plenty of toys here for your dog to play with.

5. Flea inspection

Your dog will be inspected for flea evidence upon boarding admission. If we find presence of fleas, the fee of treatment (spot on) will be added to your bill. We highly recommend that your dog has his flea prevention and de-worming treatment before staying with us. If it has been more than 3 months since the last de-worming treatment, please let us know and we will make sure to pick up after your dog as soon as he/she has a poop.

well fitted flat collar and lead. This means – collar is tight enough for it not to slip over your dog’s head. You can bring a harness if you wish but the dog still has to have a flat collar on. If your dog arrives without a collar, or collar that is very worn and makes us worry about your dog getting loose, then we will provide your dog with a flat buckle collar for the duration of your dogs stay. 10 euro will be added to your bill.

PakLeaders K9 Services will not take responsibility if your dog’s collar is not fitted right and he or she slips out of his collar and gets in an accident or escapes as a result of it.

6. Health condition and medications

If your dog has a medical condition, recent surgery or accident, please let us know.

If your dog is on medication, note must be attached with instructions.

7. Hygiene

Please make sure that your dog is reasonably clean and groomed when arriving for boarding (including a dog bed/blanket if you are providing one).

If your dog arrives and his kennel looks like he has lived there for a month with the amount of hair on the ground, then your dog is not reasonable groomed! Please brush your dogs before their stay:)

8. Dog’s temperament

Please let us know if your dog is good with people, dogs, other animals. You MUST let us know if your dog has bitten anyone previously (this includes nips). Having bite history won’t prevent your dog from staying with us but it will help us to be prepared and more careful when interacting with your dog.

9. Vaccinations

We leave it up to you whether you want to vaccinate your dog on yearly basis or not. We choose not to vaccinate our own dogs every year since Titer tests show their continual immunity. So we think it is only fair for people to have the choice.

Regarding kennel cough – it is your choice to vaccinate or not. There are over 20 different types of kennel cough but vaccination only against one of them (bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica, the most severe one). So if you choose to vaccinate your dog against kennel cough, be aware that your dog can still contract a different strain of kennel cough. If you are unsure what to do, consult your vet.

We have been lucky not to have any cases here and we intend to keep it this way! This means – if your dog is coughing or showing any signs of being unwell, you must let us know before you arrive! This goes for any type of health issues – viral or bacterial. You must let us know in advance if your dog has upset tummy, any fungal infections etc. Failure to disclose your dog is unwell/sick/injured will result in us refusing to board your dog again.

We must ensure that the environment all dogs staying here is safe.

Note: If you are vaccinating your dog on yearly basis and are uncomfortable bringing your dog here due to our vaccination policy, we totally understand and won’t be offended if you take your dog elsewhere.


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