• Boarding related questions

Will my dog be allowed to play with other dogs?

Unfortunately we won’t be letting your dog to play with other dogs. We are here to play with your dog!

You may be wondering – Why not?!

There are many reasons why we don’t encourage dog to dog play. One of them is the possibility of accidents and injuries. Our own family dogs have had serious injuries in the past as a result of play going wrong (2 dogs colliding when running full speed, resulting in spine injury!). Our friend’s dog had his leg amputated because his leg got caught when he was trying to run away from a dog during play. So we don’t want to be in a position where we have to make a phone call to you saying that your dog is seriously injured.

Another reasons is we may not know the true temperament of the dogs coming here and what they are like around dogs they don’t know. We don’t want any dog fights!

Where will my dog be staying/sleeping?

We have 4 good size indoor kennels in an extension to our house, one of them is quite big to comfortably accommodate 2 large breed dogs. We also take in crate trained dogs, who stay in our living room and kitchen. We aim to have all dogs calm and relaxed while they are inside. For this reasons, if a dog is crate trained and used to sleeping in a crate, going to new environment is less stressful if they have something familiar – a crate with their own bed, and they know it is their safe space and place to relax.

Will my dog be exercised, and where? What will my dog's day look like?

We get up at 6am and start with taking all dogs out one at a time for a good walk around our land (1.5 acres). Once all dogs have been walked, they are given breakfast. Then it is time for ourselves to sit down for coffee and breakfast before we get back to looking after dogs.

All dogs are taken out every 2 to 3 hours for a walk or play. On a nice day, we try to give every dog that little bit extra time with us, for example, just sitting outside by the pond.

Dogs that know how to walk nicely on a lead are taken out for a walk on the road for a change of scenery.

If your dog has perfect recall and comes every time it is called, then your dog will be allowed to run off leash in our field. Otherwise we can use a long line to give them more freedom and chance to explore.

My dog is fearful/reactive/dog aggressive/doesn't like cats/can't be around livestock, etc. Will you be happy to take him/her?

Yes, we are able to cater for dogs with behavior problems. We would be grateful if you could disclose any possible issues or special needs that your dog may have so we are prepared for it.

Unfortunately we are not able to cater for large breed dogs that have true human aggression as we can’t risk getting bitten. This would affect our ability to take care for all the other dogs staying with us.

Most dog bites come from fearful dogs so if you suspect that your dog is not comfortable with strangers, you must arrange 1 day trial before your dog’s stay with us to make sure we are able to safely put a lead on your dog to take him or her out for walks and toilet breaks.

What is the earliest I can drop off my dog? What is the latest I can pick up my dog?

Our opening times are 8am to 9am and 6pm to 7pm.

Why can't I have my dog off lead on arrival/departure?

We ask our visitors to keep their dogs on a lead for their dog’s safety while the gate to the road is open. It can take just a second of us to loose sight of a dog for it to get on the road. Our entrance is on a bend of a narrow road so it is very unlikely that a car coming around the bend will see a dog on time to stop.

Another reasons to keep your dog on lead on arrival is – we and our neighbors have cats. And there are horses passing on the road regularly. Nearby fields have live stock in them.  We don’t want any animal to be chased!

Can I leave treats for my dog?

Yes, you can. However, we ask you not to bring treats made from rawhide or processed bones. These pose serious choking and blockage risks so we won’t be giving them to your dog!

  • Training related questions

Can you housetrain my puppy?

We can’t housetrain your puppy. We can teach YOU how to do it. Training takes time and consistency and puppy training is pretty much 24/7 job!

Do you do group classes?

We don’t do group classes, Every dog and owner is unique with different needs and deserves undivided attention to achieve good results. This is why we offer one to one dog training in the comfort of your own home.

We do offer a group walk for current and past dog training clients, where everyone gets to practice what they have learned, work on their dogs being socially neutral and also opportunity to meet other dog owners that are on a journey to get their dog behaving better.

I need help socialising my dog. Can you help?

It depends on what your definition of ‘socialisation’ is. If you want your dog to play with other dogs, then we won’t be able to help. If you want to teach your dog good manners around dogs and how to pay attention to you, the owner, in presence of dogs and other distractions, then we are here to help.

How long does it take to teach my dog to come back to me around distractions/walk on a loose lead/stop biting etc

You can’t put a time frame on dog training. It takes as long as it takes. Every dog learns at different pace. It hugely depends on YOU, the owner – how much work do you put in? How well do you follow the advice your trainer gives you? Are you consistent and clear with your training?


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